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"Christmas Programs for Small (or shy) groups"

by Sally Krichbaum


"A Christmas Story"

-- A feudal king meets Jesus and tries to trick him and his followers into leaving his kingdom.

"Bringing Christmas to Charlie"

-- Granddaughter Marge teaches her granddad about the symbolism found in Christmas decorations.

"Decorating the Church Lawn"

-- A teen group decides to decorate their church's lawn for Christmas. However, they didn't plan what each person would bring, and it creates a lot of hilarity while they sort the decorations out. Once sorted, the true meaning of Christmas is revealed.

"When Jesus Came to Visit"

-- The town of Anywhere, Ohio, is excited when Jesus visits their city for Christmas. Town officials plan a party in Jesus' honor and give him gifts. However, the party is nearly ruined by a little girl who gives Jesus an unexpected gift.


"A Continual Christmas"

-- Jesus showed by his example that if we want to be happy and have the Christmas Spirit all year long,we have to release the grudges and bitterness we carry against other people.

"The Mysterious Journey"

-- A story about the Wise Men who journeyed to find the newborn King of the Jews and were surprised to discover that they had more in common with a lowly carpenter's family than the intellectuals in Jerusalem

"Hide and Seek"

-- Four readers represent three lifestyles to illustrate the point that Christmas really began in the Garden of Eden when God called out to Adam and Eve "Where are you?" after they had sinned. Thus, Christmas is God's final plan to seek out Man and redeem him from Satan.

"His Present of Presence"

-- We give gifts at Christmas. Why? Not because we are following the Magi's example, but we are following the example of God himself.

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